Bu makalede Cloud Pub/Sub(Publish/Subscribe) servisine göz atacağız. Basit bir asenkron mesajlama sistemi tasarlayıp bunu GCP Pub/Sub ile gerçekleyeceğiz. Ayrıca aynı kategorideki diğer servisler ile karşılaştırmasını yapacağız.

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  • Message: İletilecek olan datadır
  • Mesajlaşma: Verinin server’da üretilip client’a iletilmesidir.
  • Publisher: Mesajı gönderen her bir servisdir
  • Topic: Publisher’lar tarafından her bir mesaj bir topic’e gönderilir. Mesajların toplanma yeridir.
  • Subscriber: Topic’e subscribe olan servislerdir. Topic’e gelen her bir mesaj subscribe olan servislere iletilir.
  • Subscription: Mesajın bir topic’den subscriber’lara iletimidir.
  • Message Attribute: Publisher’ın message içinde tanımlayabileceği key-value çiftleridir…

In this article, we will take a look at Cloud Pub/Sub(Publish/Subscribe). We will design an asynchronous messaging system by using Cloud Pub/Sub.

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  • Message: The data that will be delivered.
  • Messaging: Creation of data at the server and delivering to a client.
  • Publisher: The service that will create and send the message.
  • Topic: Every created message by publishers is sent to a topic. In a sense, It is a gathering place for data.
  • Subscriber: The services that subscribe to a topic. The messages that came to a topic are delivered to subscribers.
  • Subscription…

Accept that, documentation often is a burden for developers. On the other hand, it is one of the most important parts in many aspects. In this post, I will try to show these aspects with real examples. These tips can be applied to documents(docs) that are prepared for developers, scrum masters, or product owners mainly, not for customers. After this post, you will be able to write more effective docs.

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  • New developers can easily explore the existing processes
  • Existing developers can find the information on what they are looking for
  • If a topic is known by only one person, documentation would reduce this dependency
  • The author can reinforce the subject that he/she writes.


  • Usually, developers don’t like writing docs
  • Docs always need to be kept up to date

Good Doc

# The author should provide answers to these questions for a good doc

  • Who is the target…

Aim of the project is using Objectify as a persistance API in a Spring Boot project. First we used a Data Store Emulator for local development.Now, I am going to deploy it to a Cloud Run compute service as a real cloud project.

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Aim of the project is using Objectify as a persistance API in a Spring Boot project. First we use a Data Store Emulator for local development which is the topic of this assay. Deploy it to a Cloud Run compute service as a real cloud project is second part and topic of the second assay.

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IHeyLambda<Integer> factorial = (n) -> {
int result = 1;
for (int i = 1; i <= n; i++)
result = i * result;
return result;

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